briefing check

A good briefing makes your project a success from the start

After almost 15 years in web development the quality of briefings still vary dramatically - no matter how big or small a company or project is.

Low quality or almost non existent briefings/requirements specifications fire back to you as the client immediately: Not well done briefings make it impossible for you as client to find the best offer. Why? Because every offer will be made with different assumptions and varying scopes of estimations and leading to vastly different price tags. Even if all of the bidders get back to you with follow-up questions, they will likely ask for different things and you will give them different answers.

I can help you with reviewing the briefing from the perspective of the bidder and ask important questions upfront and make sure there is no crucial information missing that could cause huge differences in the estimations you get from bidders.

The briefing check includes (but is not limited to):

from 299,- €

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